Tuesday, January 8, 2013

30 day shred, day 6

I literally just finished my workout.  So, I'm sitting here with my glass of water while reflecting.  I am amazed at how much easier the workout is becoming.  I still have trouble with one weight movement, but I will call that good considering I can now manage all the others.

Call me crazy, but I feel so much thinner.  I wish I had measured on day one, but I neglected to do so, so all I have to go off of are the pictures I took day five.  Considering today is day seven, I don't feel like I should look to compare quite yet. 

I did weigh myself on day five.  I weighed 119.  When I started I weighed 125.  Seems promising!! =)

While I was working out today, all I kept thinking about was how on Saturday we are having a "friendsgiving."  I will be busy making Turkey and side dishes to go along.  That left me wondering when exactly I will have time to work out. =(  My son takes one nap a day, and that is when I work out.  After trying to do push ups with him on my back the first day, I decided it was much safer to do it on my own.  Obviously, also, I am uninterrupted.  Anyhow, maybe I will take Saturday as a break between level one and level two.  But, that makes me scared because if I take a break, will I keep going???  I GUESS SO, I'M toooooo motivated by the changes I believe are already taking place!!

On another note, I was researching other Jillian DVD's to follow once I'm done with the shred.  Maybe there is someone out there reading this that can give me a suggestion??

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